Medieval & English Civil War Experience
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With Ned (Young Ned) Carlewe & Judith Carlewe
Colonell Granville Thomas with Mistress Judith Thomas

17th Century
The Division of a Kingdom
Back Into The Past
For God
and Parliament
The Division of the Kingdom
The children choose sides with the aid of three ensigns or flags of the period, one for the King, one for Parliament and one for those trying desperately to avoid War.  They childen are then given an opportunity to change sides.  We demonstrate the Kings attempted arrest of the members of Parliament.  The King raised his Standard at Nottingham and declared War on his subjects.  We then show them that they have friends and relatives on one or more of the other sides just as happened over 360 years ago.
Choosing Sides
Oliver Cromwell rose to be Lord Protector in 11 years.  Just how did this happen, he was a commander of cavalry in the Eastern Association in 1642.  We have devised an intriguing way of showing Cromwell's rise to the heights of Lord Protector.  Using the children as volunteers we show the Earl of Essex as the senior commander of the Army of Parliament in 1642, with is various commanders of the local Trayned Bandes. Then eventually Cromwell is elected as the Head of State in December 1653.
The King,
Long Live The King
Not sure which
side we want to be on
Cromwell our Chief of Men