Medieval & English Civil War Experience
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With Ned (Young Ned) Carlewe & Judith Carlewe
Colonell Granville Thomas with Mistress Judith Thomas
17th Century
Handling the Collection
Back Into The Past
Handling the Collection
Dressing Up:
Some of the equipment, weapons, flags, clothes and artefacts that that we use in our display are handed out to the children to feel and handle.  The children get the chance to "dress up" and feel the weight of weapons armour and clothing.
We use a drum call to place the children under Military Orders, in Rank and File to show them how soldiers were trained.  This will be a prelude to the session of "What's it really like to be in a Battle".

What's it Really like to be in a Battle?
We don't like to leave the children thinking war is fun. We have a unique way of depicting war, especially a civil war, in its true light leaving the children with just enough images of a bloody conflict. We show that there is nothing "Old" in wars or civil wars, they are still happening -  NOW.

Questions And Answers:
The children are given the opportunity, on at least two occasions, to ask questions, not only on what we have talked about but what they can see in the displays.  Where practical we will get the questioner to come out and hold the object whilst I answer the question. Because of this more children are willing to ask the questions and therefore get the chance to hold some of our items on show.

Cross Curriculum Subjects:

We can cover other subjects that teachers may want adding, just ask and we can include it in our day.  There are many cross curriculum items we talk about:-


Stressing it's importance during the period, how people were fined for not attending church.

Where ingredients for food were obtained, how gunpowder was made and what  saltpetre was made from, how it was used to fix colours to woollen cloth using Mordant made up from Alum and Saltpetre.

How schools were organised, there were free schools, Church schools, Penny schools and if you could afford it a Tutor to teach your children.