Medieval & English Civil War Experience
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With Ned (Young Ned) Carlewe & Judith Carlewe
Colonell Granville Thomas with Mistress Judith Thomas

14th - 15th Century
Battles and Monarchs
Back Into The Past
Battles and Monarchs
Walk through of a battle: 
We have devised a way of "Walking Through" any battle that would fit your requirments in the Medieval Period.  From Hastings to Bosworth.  The most requested are Bosworth and Wakefield but just ask and we will fit a battle into the day.  It really does not end up as depicted below but the children it will feel just as if they had fought one.  We always end up just as the original battle did and show how the original battle result came about.
Discover what really happened in the Battle that changed the course of history in this country, watch the various actions unfold, all the children have the oppertunity to get to feel they have been in a Battle, albeit a very safe one.
Changes in Monarchy:  Following on from the Battle Walk Through above we can relate how Monarchs won and lost a Kingdom their crowns and often their lives as well.  We have a simple tale about the two men who were King twice.

Such Changes happened during the Wars of the Roses 1455 to 1487. All the battles resulted in the executions of the losers of each battle, Kings, Princes and nobles were amongst the fallen. Many had Heirs to take their place but some did not. Dynasties died in the heat of the fight and on the executioners block.
Henry V I
Edward I V.
Battle of Bosworth Field 22 Aug 1485
Or  is it ?
Many years ago when visiting Bosworth Field, maybe mid 1980's, You could purchase a print of the heraldry of the participants. It looks like it may have been copied from a water colour original by the artist Peter Russell, dated 1981. There are about 8 such prints in the series.
It may have been commissioned in anticipation of the 500th anniversary of the battle, and just as the battlefield restoration was in full swing with the new museum and visitor's center and flags on the battlefield.
What would be a good project is to look at more modern images of the participants of the battle and their flags and banners and see if these are accurate
The King is dead, long live the King.