Medieval & English Civil War Experience
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With Ned (Young Ned) & Judith Carlewe
Colonell Granville Thomas with Judith Thomas
14th - 15th Century
Firing Demonstration
Back Into The Past
Firing Demonstration

Our Firepower ranges from Firepots in 1304 through to a Caliver of 1500
1304 Firepot used against the Scots.
1328 Oaken Arrow fired from a Vaso or Pot de Fer.
1340 Grenado, named after a Pomegranate.
1399 We have a Polegun from a destroyed castle in Saxony.
1418 Converted Cross Bow from the Siege of Rouen..
1461 Battle of Towton Bergundian Handgonne.
1485 Handgonne from the Battle of Bosworth.
1500 Tudor Caliver.
Siege of Rouen 1418 to 1419
Our Medieval Cannon based on a 1461 gun, Christened  Belah
With a very attentive audience, placed in a very safe place. I have a very important message to our audiences with regard to their safety. Such as "I have the gunpowder so I am in charge and you obey all my instructions" plus how to protect their ears from the noise and the blast of the guns.
All the weapons shown in our displays are based on our research of the period. We have proof for the weapons shown on the list which gives us dates and who used them.