Medieval & English Civil War Experience
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With Ned (Young Ned) Carlewe & Judith Carlewe
Colonell Granville Thomas with Mistress Judith Thomas
17th Century
The Stuart Experience
Back Into The Past
The Stuart Experience
Guido Fawkes
This Experience shows the main historical points of the period from 1601 to 1715
A short play showing how the Catholic conspiricy gathers momentum and becomes more involvoled and show how it was discovered and it's horific ending.  We have various volunteers out to repressent the leading characters, from the plotters through to the men who searched the cellars looking for them.
The English Civil War:
Division of this country affected a lot of people and still has an effect on today's politics, we show the contemporary reason why the country was split into three sections, supporters of the King, supporters of the Rights of Parliament but there were those that tried to keep out of the conflict.
"Art Militaire": 
Weapons and how they were used.  From the Crossed Swords to Artillery, we show how muskets were loaded, the effect of a small lead pellet on a body and how armour was useless and went out of use.

Firing Demonstration:
Cannon & Musket firing demonstration, the children see, hear and feel the effect when these two weapons are fired, outside the school buildings of course.
Three Short Stories: 
Various stories, with the children playing the many parts and seeing, through drama, what happened in the Stuart Period: -.
The Good Samaritan
The Plague
The Great Fire of London.
Family, Servants & Food Tasting
Who lives in Hys Lordships House, what were their jobs, what did they earn, how did they fit into  the household and who looked after them.  We follow this by giving the children a chance to taste the food and drink that Hys Lordship gets to eat and what his servants can afford. What would be in season and how the various foods and drink were grown or made.
Dressing Up: 
Children are given the chance to try on the various 17th Century clothing we hand out with various weapons, and artefacts. 

Optional Sessions,
Games,Money, Education & Writing... Plus several Question & Answer Sessions.
And his fellow  Conspirators