Medieval & English Civil War Experience
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With Ned (Young Ned) Carlewe & Judith Carlewe
Colonell Granville Thomas with Mistress Judith Thomas
17th Century
The Tudor Experience
Back Into The Past
The Tudor Experience
Henry V I I     &    Elizabeth I
To our characters and the Tudors, finding out how much the children know about the Tudors, HENRY VII to QUEEN ELIZABETH I find out what the children know about how it all started, who followed who and when did it end.
Their Threats of War:
Henry VII,    Problems with latent Yorkist supporters.
Henry VIII,   Fance, Spain, the Pope and almost every Catholic country
Edward VI  Scotland, Rebellions and a Coup d'etat attempt.
Mary I          Protestant Rebels, France, and the lack of a successor.
Elizabeth I   Had lots of problems, the main one being Spain.
Development and use of Weapons:
We have a range of weapons that were available to the Tudors from the Warbow (Longbow) to Artillery.  Be getting out volunteers we show how each of these weapons were used, why they were superseded by the next development and why finally Queen Elizabeth I signed an order ending the use of the Warbow in her armies.
Firing Demonstration:   With this demonstration we show how the various weapons such as the caliver and Musket were loaded and fired.  The Cannon is the highlight of this demonstration.
Food and Drink Tasting Session: Shows the food and drink of the period

Civilian Life:  Games, Money, Education and how a quill pen was made.

The Family and Servants:
  Who lived in the household, volunteers suddenly find out they have to wash and clean in the kitchen for £2 - 0s - 0d Per Year.

Dressing Up: Trying out the various items we have, such as clothing, helmets, muskets, and flags of the period.

We have many options we can add to our day:-

A Play, Tudor Houses, Medical Matters, Church and the Poor Laws.We also have serveral Sessions of Questions and Answers.