Medieval & English Civil War Experience
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With Ned (Young Ned) & Judith Carlewe
Colonell Granville Thomas with Mistress Judith Thomas
14th - 15th Century
Weapons Development
Back Into The Past
1280 The Warbow, introduced by Edward I to our armies, was the ultimate long range weapon in the 14/15th cent. It had a range of up to 250 yds with armour penetration up to 60 yds the Point Blanc Range of the Bow. In 1363 Edward 111 ordered men to practice archery on Sunday and holidays, hence the appearance of target ranges beside churches. Training took about 4 to 5 years with boys starting at the age of 11 yrs old.
Weapons Development
Development of Weapons (Art Militaire):
We ask children out as volunteers to demonstrate the weapons of the period, including the Sword, through the various pole and edged weapons, to the new type of long spear, the pike, long range such as the Warbow and then onto the development of gunpowder weapons such as Hand Cannons, and artillery.  These were used as early as 1328 we show how these various weapons were used and tactics of the times.  There is an emphasis on the dangers and horrors of war.

We have a full Harness (Suit) of armour needing a volunteer to try it on, once on we show how easy it is to move around. When dismantled we hand out the individual items of the "Harness" to the children so they can feel the weight of the different pieces.
Dagger to Guns
We have a sequence showing weaponry and it's development, from the dagger to the Artillery, our various volunteers gradually experience the handling of such weapons as sword, billhook, pike, warbow, handgonne and finally the artillery in the form of a cannon.
Gunpowder Weapons
The public often think that guns took over from Warbows, they did overlap for quite some time. We can trace firepower, in this country, back to 1304. The English Army of that year threw firepots at the Scots who were using early guns called Krakens. In our displays we have guns going up to 1500, the start of the Tudor Period. Some of them we show and fire during our Firepower Display. We have all the different types of Shotte used during the Medieval period, including an arrow fired out of a type of gun called a Vaso or a Pot de Fer.

The Finale of the Firing Demonstration is firing our cannon, Belah.

Arming Up a Knight: