Medieval & English Civil War Experience
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Colonell Granville Thomas with Mistress Judith Thomas

What the children say
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What The Children Say
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Last year, not so long ago, we had a Civil War Day, when a man and his wife came in to demonstrate what it would have been like to live in the 17th century, during the English Civil War. With them they brought lots of things to show us, like food, clothes and weapons, they even showed us how to load and fire a musket and a cannon. The day was great and even though it was freezing outside we all had a fantastic day. Firstly we sat down to listen to a talk on the different sides and about some weapons and clothing. It was quite interesting and a few people got to go out and try on bits of armour.

After the Colonel had shown us all of the armour and weapons, we had a discussion about why the Civil War happened. We talked about which side we'd be on, and why. He told us about the different  sides, The Cavaliers, The Roundheads and those that did not want to get involved. Then he showed us the flags which represented each of these sides. I was amazed, you could actually see the old bloodstains and tears from when the flags was held in battle. We all had to stand by the flag representing the side we chose to support. The Colonel asked us why we thought we should chose our side and gave us reasons why we would change our minds. It seemed that the Kings side consisted mainly of boys, except for Miss Casewell and that Parliaments side was mixed. There was another category which I decided to stand in - the category that was on neither side. By then it was break time so we all had to go outside while the Colonel organised the second part before dinner. I approved of this short break - I just had to tell some of my friends how good the day was so far.
I was very impressed with the Colonel and his wife, I thought they ran it very well, and it really taught us a lot about the Civil War. We had already learnt lots in our History Lessons, but the Civil War Day was a big educational bonus and it really drummed it into us everything about that period. The Colonel told us about the Civil War as if he had actually lived through it, which was realistic. He told us everything we needed to know just in general conversation and he made it interesting too, I think he did a great job. Well done! We all had a great time.